My perspective of film is purely imagination and feeling to get audiences to see another perspective of art.  I want to create films timeless for years to come and hopefully inspire.


Just Another Day

Dance is universal and everybody at some point will dance in his or her lifetime. The natural law of rhythm is constructed to allow human beings to dance. We dance unconsciously without knowing we are dancing.

How To Kill A Ghost

 A two-part dance for camera series.This series explores the haunting effects of holding onto something that no longer exists. 

Director: Juel D. Lane Composition Teacher: Meredith Moore Camera/Editor: DeSitaa Lipscomb Camera Operator: Monica Hines Composer :Letief Eli Roberts "Melanin","9(Nine)", Letief Eli Roberts Cast: Dancers of 2015 Southwest Teen Artists Academy This film was made possible through the 2015 Southwest Teen Artists Academy at Southwest Arts Center. Cheryl Odeleye, Arts Program Coordinator, Sr.